Attached is a  survey about some exciting new meat products that are currently, or will very shortly be available in the United States.
This survey is being sent to a wide variety of audiences beginning with you, the dedicated horse industry folks, and our allies, who have been working long and hard for some light at the end of the tunnel, and a new hope for a better future. At long last, companies are responsibly and ethically bringing products to the market. Imported and animal food products are available now. Domestically produced meat for home, restaurant, ethnic, and specialty markets will likely be available within the next few months.
Taking the survey will only take a few minutes, and it will provide our member companies with valuable information about the attitude of U.S. consumers, and the kind of products that they might be interested in for their own use, or for feeding dogs, cats, and other carnivores, or all of the above.

Take the survey

Thank you so much for taking the time to participate in our survey. Your input will be extremely helpful to companies that are working hard to restore equine value, ensure humane handling at every stage, and provide a good and proper use for horses unwanted or unneeded for other purposes.

Feel free to forward to networks of horse industry organisations who understand the benefit of a properly managed equine meat industry, to working dog and pet animal groups, fur farmers, zoo and big cat sanctuaries. Also if you have friends who appreciate great food, are adventurous eaters, or are afficiandos of the slow food/gourmet/artisanal meat/locavore/celebrity chef scene…please include them. We will be sharing with a number of ethnic communities who have come forward already, excited about the prospect of their traditional favorites readily available right here in the United States.


The International Equine Business Association 



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